panasonic hts824

panasonic hts824
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PANASONIC KX-HTS824 All-in-one Smart Busines spackage , Panasonic New Compact Hybrid IP-PBX PANASONIC KX-HTS824
 +  Basic Call Features in built No Options 

+  Flexible Trunk Line Selection(Analogue/IP) 

+  Smartphone as Extension

+  Built-in Router, Wi-Fi®Access Point

+  Video Communication

+  Cost Performance,
Plug and Play Programming 


Exclusively Compact Office Solutions ,

  • IP/Legacy Flexible Hybrid System Works flexibly in both IP and Analogue configurations. Mixing both is also possible and there is no need to change PBX when changing the trunk line from Analogue to SIP.
  •  Built-in Router The Built-in Router is one of Panasonic’s exclusive selling points. You can use the PANASONIC KX-HTS824 as a phone system as well as a network device.
  • Video Terminal, Doorphone, Cameras A complete phone system, cameras and door phones under one brand. Purchase and maintenance is simple

System Connection Image 


How does PANASONIC KX-HTS824 improve your business environment? Benefit1 Seamless Communications , Stay Connected with BYOD function
+  Salesmen can take the customer’s phone call anytime with smartphones with software phone functionality even outside of offices.
+  When salesmen calls from software phone, it shows the Company phone number not their private number to the customer

+  Recorded voice mail messages can be transferred by e-mail to smartphones or PCs

  • Quick and Simple Video Communications  Visual Communication Improve the Business Productivity

+ PANASONIC  KX-HTS824 has Video Communication Terminal as a compatible device. By utilizing these, quick and simple video communication is possible

+  PANASONIC KX-HTS824 also has IP Doorphone and IP Camera as compatible devices. Remote coaching is also possible

  • As your Office Simple Safety System  Visual Communication Devices Usable as Office Safety System

+  As Entrance Monitoring and Control System  :  An entrance monitoring system using the KX-NTV160 IP Doorphone and KX-HDV430 video terminal is possible.
You can control opening the door using the KX-HDV terminal or a smartphone even remotely
 +  As Simple Office Safety Monitoring System :  The KX-NTV150 IP camera and KX-NTV160 IP Doorphone work as an PBX extension. Both have motion/voice

detection functionality and digital input and output ports to integrate with external devices.
– Customize your System to be Smart Pricing 

+ KX-HTS824’s compatible Single Line Telephone can create the Simple and Smart Price Office Phone System 

+  The system has a built in Router. You can use the PANASONIC KX-HTS824 as a phone system as well as a network device


  • System Capacity and Compatible Terminals ; The PANASONIC KX-HTS824 has both PSTN/SIP for trunks and single line telephone and SIP terminals for
    extensions. A full line-up of terminals including video phones is available ; All-in-One Package Platform (IP/Legacy/Wi-Fi/Video/Voice Mail/SLT).

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